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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Short Love Poems by M. G. DeGrant

Currently playing: Mi Naa Bo Po by E.L

Hello world and Happy St. Valentine Day!

I hope your day would be filled with love and red and chocolate and roses and cupid and everything associated with it. 🍫💗💏💑💋

Every year, on the blog, I write a love poem on the blog. This year would be a little different. Instead of writing one love poem, I present to you four short love poems that you can easily remember.

I hope you love them and enjoy them.

These are poems from my imperfect poetry collection.

I have some poems written by me that I claim to be imperfect but I love them too.

Please enjoy, but remember to have fun.

p.s. Mi Naa Bo Po has been on repeat since last week, and I am not tired. I’ll be tired of it soon.

1.Even if my poem is not appreciated by others
 At least I can write about you
 And it would stay between us.
 Everyone would see the faults in my poems
 Only you would appreciate every flaw
 And embrace it with your imperfections

2. Your imperfection is like ice cream
    It has no definite shape
   But every lick is mesmerizing

3. Some people fear the idea of forever
    But I know with you
    Forever is too short a time

4 Put your head at the corner of my neck
And breathe hard into it
For it is soothing to my soul
Talk into it
And let me feel my body vibrate

Which of them was your favourite?

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