Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Burst Into Bloom 💞

Hello World! And Happy New Month.

Today, I bring to you a post where I will talk like a real African.

I am already a real African, so don’t ask.😂

And as you read this post, listen to Becca’s African Woman in the background.

*clears throat*. This post is dedicated to All African Women, especially my mother.💕

If I had Akan font, I would have written the entire post in Akwapim Twi, and most people will not read it because they can’t read Twi.

A moment of silence….😓

I admit that there would be spelling mistakes if I had written this post in Twi.

Nti I will write it in English. Case closed.

*clears throat*. When you hear the noun phrase, African woman, you might thinking about a woman who lives in the bush, with children and is working on the farm. When she is coming home, she is carrying firewood on her head, holding a bunch of plantain on her right hand, and a pot of ermm... something on her left.

Is that an African Woman?

Well, maybe not. That is the ancient way of thinking.

To me, an African woman is a brave woman, a mother and a homemaker. She is a survivor and a friend of nature. She hunts and feed her off springs. She communicates with the wind, and knows when danger is approaching. She is a doctor. She is a fierce black woman.

Dear African Women,
You are beautiful, and intelligent and clever. Be proud of your colour (I’m not even supposed to tell you. You should know that!). Be proud of your heritage. Your hair might not be able to dance in the wind, but trust me, you can do many things with it. You can make it stand, you can make it relax.
You are a survivor, you know how to roll with the wind, in good times, and in bad times.
You are a treasure, a jewel, a gem. You cannot be priced because you are priceless.
Never let anyone tell you, you cannot do it. Never let anyone tell you, you are worthless.
Say what?
If someone tells you that you are worthless, use your hand to grab the words, and trample on it, or better still, THROW IT AWAY. Like, do it. I mean it. Do it in their faces. After all, we all have one brain. No one has two.
Burst into bloom. Let’s do it.
Yours truly,
Written in purple ink

Let’s Chat: What would you like to say to an African Woman?

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