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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Holiday Morning Routine

So, my Countdown to Christmas App says it is 6 days, 18 hours to Christmas.

Happy Sunday. Since, we are transitioning from work/internship routine, some things might change. There might be some differences like staying longer in bed, having a better social life and having more festive things at your disposal.

Today, I am sharing my holiday morning routine with you.

When I wake up in the morning, I check my phone for any missed calls, text messages, and social media. After that, I go downstairs to have my morning devotion. I am currently studying the New Testament with the help of a study guide and it is fun and more easy to understand.

Now, it’s time to bash the house with Christmas music. I am a huge fan of Christmas music. I wrote a blogmas post about it here.

After devotion, I check my Light The World campaign calendar to check what we are supposed to do for the day. If you do not know about it, you can read more details about it here. I encourage you to participate.

After checking up, I try to blog. I am doing Blogmas, where bloggers write about festive stuffs through out the month of December. We have different ways of doing it. For me, I am writing and blogging everyday in December.

It is time for chores. We don’t have much to do at home. We sweep, fetch water and prepare fire. I then go to the bathroom to do those hygienic stuff.

After, I am through with that, I check social media again, to get abreast with current issues. Some handles gives you words of encouragement and motivation. I try to share some updates on social media, especailly with blogmas and #LightTheWorld. As I do all these things, I try to spread christmas cheer by singing out loud. Sometimes, my mother comes to me and says Do you know that you are disturbing?

I try to get some breakfast from left over meals or try to purchase some food items for breakfast. After having some breakfast, I check my planner. Sometimes, I take my notebook to write down some inspiration, or think about life. (I am trying to write my book, or become a better person day by day). I look out the window to watch the store nearby. I’ll need me some Mirinda in the afternoon, I always say in my head.

Now, it’s time for makeup and outfit picks. I am mostly out and about during the holidays, doing personal errands and family errands, so I am mostly in trousers and blouses. My makeup is usually minimal, but I give my lips the bold look. As I walk to wherever, or if I get into the trotro, christmas music continues to play in my head.

And that is my simple morning routine. It’s nothing extraordinary.

Has your morning routine changed for the holidays?

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