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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bedtime Stories: Jesus Comes For His Birthday Part 2

Welcome to the part two of the children’s Christmas story; Jesus Comes For His Birthday. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

Jesus Comes For His Birthday Part 2

The next morning, she headed to Michelle’s house. After ringing the bell at the gate twice, a woman appeared at the gate.

“Good morning, Ma,” she said, stroking the little present she held in her hands. “Is Michelle home?”

“Yes. Come in.”

She entered and saw Michelle sitting on the sofa watching a Christmas cartoon with some of her classmates. Michelle stood up as soon as she saw Adoma at the door.


“Hi.” Adoma reluctantly greeted.

“Umm, hi,” Michelle responded nervously. She felt bad after accusing Adoma falsely for taking her ribbon. She avoided eye contact with Adoma. “What are you doing here?”

“Ermm….I came to give you a Christmas gift and say Merry Christmas,” she said.

Michelle’s face lit up. “Really? For me?”

Adoma nodded and handed it over to her. “Here.”

“Well, thank you,” she quickly opened it and it was a box of ribbons of all kinds…..even her favourite, a butterfly ribbon. One she always wanted.

“Wow, thank you,” Michelle said with excitement and hugged her. “I’m sorry I called you a thief,” she said in a low tone.

“It’s all right. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Adoma.” They broke free and she said. “Come and join us and watch the Christmas Cartoon we just got. We have sobolo here too.”

“Okay.”  Adoma went to sit with her other classmates and they ended up talking about other girly related things.


On Christmas Eve, after Mr. Bekoe donated the box pf stuff to the orphanage, they went for their church’s Nine Lessons and Carols festival. Adoma and her siblings enjoyed the carols they sang. After, Adoma went to say hi to her friends, giving each of them a hug, and wishing them a Merry Christmas.

On Christmas morning, she quickly got up and wet round about the house to wake her parents and siblings up. “Come on, wake up, it’s Christmas! Come on!” she exclaimed and ran to the Christmas tree in her pajamas.

“Wow!” So many presents were under the tree. She couldn’t wait to open hers. “You guys, hurry up.”

When the family gathered in the living room, Adoma began to search for hers. “Kuukua! Here’s yours,” she handed her a big box with her name on it. “Nana Kwadwo, yours is that big green box over there. Mama look! Your name is on it. I’ve found mine!” Kwame and dad’s own must be at the other side.”

Adoma began to open the one she found and it was also ribbons with a note in it. “Wow! Mama, look! It’s from Michelle.”

“That’s wonderful, Adoma,” Mrs Bekoe smiled. Adoma found more presents under the tree and opened them. Everyone was happy with what they each got.

After they had Christmas dinner, Adoma walked to her mother, helping her to wash the dishes with Kuukua.

“Mama, how can you be sure that Jesus Christ really visited?” she asked, hoping that she was not losing faith.

“Adoma, you know, Jesus Christ even visited you before today. You became friends again with Michelle, that’s one way of Jesus visiting you because, in a way, you reconciled with him. Donating stuffs to the little orphanage, you gave him gifts. Hugging your friends after carol service, you told him happy birthday and He is here right now.”

Adoma closed her eyes for a moment. “Yes. I can feel Him and He was with me all the time.” She beamed at her mother. “Jesus visited us this Christmas. I hoped he liked his birthday. I hoped He enjoyed it.”

“He did and He loved it,” Kuukua said. All this while, she was secretly listened to their conversation, though she behaved like she cared less.


Kuukua nodded with a smile. “Yes. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” Adoma and Mrs. Bekoe said and hugged Kuukua together. It was a sacred mother and daughter moment.

“Sweet girl hug,” Mr. Bekoe said, standing at the door. Mrs. Bekoe walked towards him and gave him a hug. “Merry Christmas, honey.” He kissed her cheek which made her smile. Nana Kwadwo and Kwame, together with Kuukua and Adoma joined the hug and it was no, sweet girl hug. It was a sweet family hug. Adoma even frlt Jesus joining the hug circle.

As Adoma climed her bed, she took the picture she drew of her and Jesus under the pillow and smiled. “Happy birthday, Jesus and Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoyed it. Good night,” she kissed it and put it under her pillow. She pulled her covers to her chin and closed her eyes. She felt Jesus say, “I loved it, Adoma. Thank you very much.” Adoma smiled in her sleep.

Thank you very much for reading this symbolism story. I hope you enjoyed and I hope they enjoyed it.
Check back on the blog tomorrow for another blogmas post.
Good night.

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