Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Books on the Shelf

Hello world, and happy Friday!

As an avid reader, I read Christmas-themed novels/books too. I love the description and the feeling you get when some authors talk about Christmas, and the inner peace the characters experience. I love that. Janet Tronstad is good at writing festive scenes and books. I want to learn how to write such festive scenes, so that I can write Christmas-themed books one day.

I think Janet Tronstad’s books are in my Christmas wish lists. I will share my Christmas wish list one of these days.

So, let’s talk about Christmas books that are lying on our bookshelf at home. I started reading them again somewhere in November. I read

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.

It is a very funny book. I could imagine Luther’s character. I would like to live in a neighbourhood like his. They live the Christmas lifestyle. The ending of the book was unpredictable. I mean, this is John Grisham, people! He is the Law man we all grew up with. Well done, John Grisham. You deviated this time.😂😂😂

Christmas After All by Kathryn Lasky is another novel that gets read by me every Christmas. I bought it exactly four years ago at the Methodist Bookstore in Accra. I had little money on me and wanted to buy three books that day, but I had to take one. It was a difficult thing to do to choose among three books. (I hope not to do that again in this life; to choose between books), and I chose Christmas After All. I do not ever regret choosing that book. It has taught me a lot.

Cowboy Christmas by Carol Finch, Elizabeth Lane and Pam Crooks.
This book has three different short stories and was written by three authors. The second story was my favourite. The Home Coming by Elizabeth Lane

A Treasury of Christmas Classics is one of a kind. It has poems, quotations, hymns, legends and stories from long ago and now. It even has the classic story, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It is a perfect book to read with a cup of hot chocolate.

Sleigh Bells in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad is one of my favourite Christmas novel. It is about forgiveness, peace and love. I do not have this book anymore because I borrowed it from a school’s library, but I get the chance, I will buy it.

The Substitute Guest by grace Livingston Hill is another book on the shelf. This is one I have not read yet.

New Testament Holy Bible in English Standard Version (ESV) was a gift. It is a Christmas study Bible, and we added it to our Christmas Books collection.

I am yet to buy more Christmas-themed books soon.

What is your favourite Christmas-themed book?

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