Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Millennial Young Adult Moments

Hey world!

One raining day, I was bored, so I began to look at my old photos. Well, they weren’t really old photos. Just the ones I began to take after secondary school.

How time flies!

I completed secondary school in 2012. The photos were mostly from 2013, especially when I moved to a new town all by myself. Well, it has not been easy as I thought it would be. I thought you would move in, make new friends, find your church, live life comfortably and that was it.

Well, it is not not not not not like that. How we wish, it was like that.

As I was looking through the pictures, I smiled. Some made me shed a tear, some made me laugh out loud, some made me to ask, when this picture was taken?

Some pictures made to feel grateful. Some made me to pray and say, Take me back to that moment and many other emotional stages I went through by just looking at pictures.

After going through all the pictures (or at least, half of them), I was thinking about life. You know, we belong to a generation where we are always holding phone and learning from the internet. We do not sleep early. We make mistakes. We laugh while there is no one around us (Hint: We just read a funny joke). We are from a generation where there is too much pollution and fake foods. Most of my friends and I are millennial young adults who aren’t married yet, so we are supposed to enjoy this millennial lifestyle as young adults, or else, before you realize, we are 60.

I always believe in capturing moments, I believe in going to the beach and running away from the waves that kiss the beach sand. I believe in having fun, so that we tell our children stories of our lives, including the being naughty aspects, so that they would know that, they are not alone and we were not perfect when we were their age.

Have fun being a young adult, who is being exposed to the wicked part of life and write your stories. 

Don’t worry, there are good times too.

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