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Monday, 1 August 2016

You were in my Stories

Writing letters that would never be sent has been my new literary love. I started it this year and I write at least one a month. I have written letters to my hater, my mother, to a fictional character, friends, musicians, my favourite people and the list goes on and on and on. Some of the letters I write are sometimes fictional. The fictional ones I write can even turn up to be a story.

I wrote a letter to one of my crushes. Luckily, I have forgotten his name. I do not know how that happened and unfortunately for me, I cannot find my childhood diaries.

So anyway, this is to one of my crushes. I do not know whether he would read it, but if he does and he knows he is the one, what a miracle!!!!

Anyway, a letter to my crush.

Dear XXX,
Hey, it’s been ages since I heard from you and you heard from me. I do not remember the last time I saw you, but I hope all is well.
There’s something you need to know. This would take us back to our youthful and na├»ve days when we haven’t entered into our adolescent period. You were my crush. I had a crush on you, one that was totally awkward. Since I loved writing up stories and match stick comic strips, you were in my stories. I wrote about us getting married and living in a small house at the countryside. We only lived a luxurious and glamorous life when we take the kids on vacation. Can you imagine? I started dreaming about having a family at that age. It’s unbelievable.
Well, people grow and crushes like this started vanishing and real crushes grew. The crushes we had when we were 15 were realer than crushes at 8, because our eyes were opening little by little, and we had to be more careful.
I dreamt about you. I wrote about you, and drew you in my journal. Your name became a household name and a chant in my diaries and journals. You scared the hell out of me anytime you didn’t come to school. You were my one dearly beloved until I moved to another school and you became history.
So how is life treating you? I bet your current girlfriend doesn’t even appreciate you like how I did when we were 8. The only difference is I never told you I had a crush on you, because it would sound silly, and crushes do not last forever. She doesn’t write about you in her diaries, but I did. She never dreams of you, but I did. She doesn’t draw you and write your name like a chant, but I did.
Anyway, hope you find someone who loves you and swoons you, like I did.
Your childhood crush,

If you had the chance to talk to your childhood crush, what would you say to him???

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