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Thursday, 14 July 2016


I once read a post on Naa Takia’s blog and she was talking about being a poet and not a performer, and I went like YEEEEAAAHHHH! I REALLY NEEDED SOMEONE TO BE ON MY SIDE! And I found one! OMG! I thought I was the only one being discriminated because of this.
She wrote how she is a poet and how most people expect her to also be a spoken word artist. Wow! I am also a poet but NOT a spoken word artist. The difference between us is Naa Takia is famous, and I’m not.

Hehehe xx. Is that a point?

Forget about it. Anyway, I love to write; poetry, short stories, blog posts…….. and everything in between. But I do not perform spoken word. I am not a spoken word artist. I can’t even stand in front of people to speak (except, I’m supposed to act in a play). I am the kind of poet who hides in her room, or a quiet place like the beach and tell stories in my journal, or write a poem. You don’t expect me to stand in front of people to tell you what I have memorized??? In fact, the stage light will even blind my mind and make me confuse. At the end of it, I will, maybe black out, or something worse.
Anyway, I am a poet. I can call myself that, because I write in short lines, whether it rhymed or not, whether it made sense or not. Even if, no one knows me, I am an underground poet, an underground writer, unless I get discovered or ….or something.

There are lots of wonderful poets out there, hiding like me. Don’t expect them to also stand on the stage. If you ever see me on the stage, I’ll be giving a speech or talk, or being an actress, or in a choreography or winning an award.

I leave you with a question, Do you expect playwrights to be acting on the stage?

Or maybe, I have another simple question. Do you expect song writers to be singers?


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