Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Quiet Talkative

I am the least famous girl in my class or among a group of people. People hardly notice me. I mean, I go to class, I sit, when it’s over, I’m out. I just don’t talk.

If I ever get noticed, it because of my name. Seriously. People (lecturers and students) would like to know who Marietta Grant DeGrant is, either they saw the name in the class register or in a group project work and expect to see a white lady.

Ugh. It’s so frustrating

If I was called Afua Adoma, like I wouldn’t get noticed at all.


Even with that, the number of ladies studying my course are just 14, so we can easily be spotted.
I might be quiet all the time, but trust me, I am a talkative.

You don’t believe me?

I know, if I’m in a group of people walking together, you hardly hear my voice. If you do, then I am laughing at someone’s joke and that’s one thing people hate about me.

I know, right. It can be boring.

But trust me, I am a talkative.

Just be alone with me, and hear me talk and rant. I like one to one conversations, rather than one to many.


That explains why I panic anytime I stand in front of people to speak. That is another thing to write about, but I am a talkative. I even had person telling me “You talk too much.” We used to keep in touch by phone. When he told me I talk too much, in fact, I was delighted instead of getting mad. I don’t normally hear that about myself. I see it as a compliment, trust me. He did not say it in an annoying way but even if he did, I’ll be happy to hear that.

I am a quiet talkative.

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