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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My Morning in a Short Story

Hello world!

Tuesday morning was something else for me. I’m a morning person but that morning made me feel like Morning has come earlier than usual.

This is my morning in a short story.

Stares at the ceiling
Stares at the ceiling
Still staring at the ceiling…..
What the heck.
It’s morning already? Oh shoot.
Oh please tell me it’s Friday…..Nah, it’s just Tuesday.
Hmmm. Bummer.
The gates of the store across the road clicks and clacks as the shopkeeper opens it ready to start her day.
She closes her eyes and muttered some words. That was supposed to be a prayer.
She snapped out of it, then slowly spoke, pondering on things she should be grateful for, then committed the day into the Most High’s hands, and everything and everyone else.
Time to visit the world of social media. First, WhatsApp. A few friends to check up on. The male friends ask the usual question.
Gm. How was ur nite???
Next; Instagram, Twitter.
Facebook is for the late hours of the morning.
She opened her laptop and chose the shortest workout video. The shortest is 5 minutes long, even with that, she does not go pass 3 minutes.
Hashtag 21st century girl problems.
Don’t worry, I’ll do the full workout tomorrow, she thought.
Chores time. Music is playing in the background. She sings along, knowing that her family members are used to her voice.
She drags herself to the bathroom to perform the daily hygienic routine. Staring absently at the mirror, she wondered why that thing like a pimple cannot seem to disappear.
The bathroom is a wonderful place to turn yourself into a famous singer performing in front of the mirror, who is your audience.
The mirror really sees things.
Her eyes looked funny that morning. She looked tired. Ah! She remembered. She slept way too late the night before.
Hmmmm. The life of a blogger.
What was she even blogging about?
She brushed that away and performed her skin care routine. Something can be done to make her look refreshed.
Makeup! But gosh, she had nowhere to go, so why makeup?
Oh forget it! She was hungry. The most beautiful journey to embark on when you are at home is a trip to the kitchen.
Opens one saucepan. Nope
Opens another saucepan. Not interested.
Opens another. She sighs sadly. She gave up.
She opened the first saucepan again. She sighed again. She cannot have anything better. She glanced at the clock. It was a few minutes pass 9am.
She went back to her room to open her planner. Hmmm, she thought.
The worst thing was, she forgot to have her personal morning devotion.
The End.

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