Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Long Vacation: Expectation vs. Reality

Heyyyyy there!

It’s the start of the long vacation. Ahhhh.

I feel life is moving so fast, I can’t catch up. January 2016 was like two days ago???

Anyway, who isn’t excited that school is out? I mean, you got to be excited for it.

Who is going to spend a fabulous vacation in Hawaii? You lying, girl. I don’t believe you. I can see you will raise your hand, and at the end of the day, you’ll be with me on the farm, in my village. You just don’t know how to lie.

Just kidding. That was just by the way, hehehe xx.

So, today, I had a post in mind, to tell you how I might spend the long vacation, but there has been a change in plans.

Instead of me, writing goals for the long vac, I decided to write how we expect the long vac to go, but at the end, reality hits us and our plans get ruined.


It’s like you plan on reading 10 novels, but at the end, you read only ten pages of the first book and sleep all day.

Do you relate to that?

All right! Let’s do this!

Expectation #1
Chilling at the beach, all day, everyday

Reality: you haven’t even come out of your room. Seasonal movies all the way.

Expectation #2
Going to spend a fabulous vacation in a fabulous city

Reality: Marietta! Pack your things! We are going to the village!

Expectation #3
I’ll read 20 new novels during the long vac

Reality: watching 120 new episodes.

Expectation #4
Attending many fun tertiary parties/porteys with your girls girls

Reality: browsing for hours in your room

Expectation #5
It’s the long vac. I finally have to get healthy. Healthy eating, working out 3 times a week.

Reality: more kelewele, more fried yam, more everything fried…….. and ice cream.

Expectation #6
I’m trying all the recipes I found on Pinterest before Christmas arrives.

Reality: mummy, can I have some of that *pointing to mum’s food*

Expectation #7
I’ll get the perfect internship of my dreams.
Reality: let me just stay at home during this long vac

Expectation #8
I’ll find a job that can help me earn money to pay my school fees
Reality: you’ll end up working in a kiosk for very wage.

Expectation #9
Time for a JHS reunion or SHS reunion with your best friends.

Reality: everyone’s busy, everyone is suddenly “married” taking care of their boyfriends. No need for my presence.

Happy Long Vac

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