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Friday, 26 February 2016

Kelewele Date with Marietta (26/02/2016): Life Updates

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Welcome to another #keleweledate with Marietta episode. If this is your first time of reading such a post on this blog, you are warmly welcome, or if this is your first time of reading my blog, welcome friend! Kelewele Date with Marietta is a monthly date with my virtual readers (read: friends). It happens every last Friday of the month on this blog and on social media. We talk about everything except politics.

It’s 26th today, 3 days till the end of the month. For me, February has been slower than January. January ran faster than I expected, but February is kind of slow.

I am grateful for life right now, and Easter is coming and it is early this year. 25th March is Good Friday. Mostly, Easter falls in April.

This year is also a leap year, meaning 366 days this year. One good thing about leap years is that, you get additional 24 hours that year for once, which is 29th, so I think you should make use of the additional day to replace loss, don’t you think so?

Winneba! Why has water abandon us like that? Please water come back, we need you. We love you. Winneba and some towns in Ghana have been experiencing water shortage. We hope it flows again, something should be done please. Water! Please come back to Winneba! Please!

Is it just me, or the weather is extremely hot? The neighbourhood in which I live in is supposed to be a cool environment, but it is rather the opposite. It is hot, and I sweat a lot now and drink a lot of water.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The absence of water has taught us to use less than half of the water we use to bath. it has taught us to cherish little drops of water.
But mehn, it's becoming too much

Also, food has become super expensive, because there is no rain.

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