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Thursday, 11 February 2016

I am Chocoholic (Day 11)

Hello, hello!

This post is coming to you live at dawn, because today is a busy day and a fun one too. We are embarking on a religious trip and I am super excited about it. I am done with packing and would probably be back on Saturday, just in time to get ready for Val’s Day.


Oookay, welcome to another post of

And today’s all about chocolate. Hmmm. I am in love with everything chocolate. M.A.D.L.Y. in love with chocolate and I have a Pinterestboard for just chocolates. I love to watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory just because of the abundance of chocolate I see in it, and literally wishing I would own that factory for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat chocolate like crazy to the extent of falling sick, but I love chocolate. If I don’t get chocolate for a day, I am ok with it. I don’t go about searching for chocolate, but if I do get it, I will say thanks, darling then munch on it.

Thanks to Pinterest, I can gather pictures of chocolate to make my mouth water.

Check out these images.

hmm, the look and feel of it

saving this for Christmas, mmmm

Don’t you just love the look of it, the colour, the beauty it has?

In Ghana, 14th February is also Chocolate Day, in addition to the Valentine’s Day, so I get to eat chocolate, you know. So I celebrate two occasions, St. Valentine’s Day and Chocolate Day. I love my country.

See you later

Ps. Since I would be travelling today, tomorrow’s post and Saturday’s post would be scheduled for your reading pleasure. Check back tomorrow and Saturday morning to continue reading 14 Days of MarieAmour.

See you on Sunday.

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