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Monday, 19 October 2015

Those Novels 'Bout Love + Gifty Anti

Since the beginning of the year, I have been reading novels about romance, historical and inspirational. Most of them are set way back in the early 1900s, and at first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy them but they are beautiful to read.

The ones I read are:
When Comes The Spring (Janette Oke)
Love's Long Journey (Janette Oke)
Spring's Gentle Promise (Janette Oke)
The Substitute Guest (Grace Livingston Hill)
A Promise For Ellie (Lauraine Snelling)

I loved the way they are wrote about God and His loving kindness, how if we faithfully serve Him , over lives would be filled with smiles, even in times of trials. These are novels about REAL love and virtue. Love for God, family, country and significant other.

I love their way of life. Friendly neighbours, love for our Heavenly Father, virtue and patience in women. Some time ago, I thought of they lived a life full of peace and love. Do women like Ellie, Elizabeth, Missie, Mary (all in the novels) etc exist in the world today? We all think of how to get the latest jewellery or shoe in town. Ellie thought of how to get chicken to produce eggs for her future home. We think of getting the latest dress for church. Missie thought of having the Holy Bible near her to read Isaiah 41:10 with her husband every night before bed.

There was virtue in the lives of the lead characters (the women). As I read, I wondered if there is enough virtue in me.
I wondered if I was prayerful.
I wondered if I turn to my Heavenly Father when I am hurt in my trials.
I wondered if I read and memorize the scriptures well.
I wondered if I was good at making homemade things.
I wondered if.......
I wondered if.......

I am glad to read novels like these. I am slowly changing my lifestyle, for the better. I am not good at doing the massive change in me, but slowly and surely, I would get there.
We would get there.

They are all fictional characters playing the role of righteous women and good wives, but I know I can learn from them and be the woman I am praying to be.
Hoping to read more inspiring romance novels like these.

Gifty Anti

There was a Royal Wedding on Thursday, 15th October, and I want to say congratulations to Gifty Anti of The Standpoint. A MOGA of '89 and an inspiration to ladies like us. I hope for a happy and lovely marriage to you and your husband; OyiAkehyire Ansah Kwao IV. Congratulations.

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