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Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Day In The Life

Sorry I haven't been updating. I am so busy trying to adjust to life, and make my schedule more free. How can you if you have so many reading assignments to do?

But my favourite days are Wednesdays and Fridays. I get to rest well and have some quality me-time. You know I don't joke with my me time .

I have been reading a lot of  'A Day In The Life ' blog posts and watching the videos and shows, and I have been inspired to write my own.

A day in the life as at Tuesday 06/10/2015.

04:40am : First alarm goes off. I was so deep in my sleep, I heard it in my dreams. The funny thing is I thought it was part of the dream, so I did not immediately wake up. I normally make a decision here,
whether to obey this alarm or snooze dismiss and wait for the second one. I choose the latter.

05:07am: Second alarm goes off. I gracefully obeyed it and TRIED HARD to have my morning devotional.

05:38am: I checked out my planner to see what I had for the day. I added more tasks.

05:40am: Workout. Pop Sugar's 20- minute power plank workout. To tell you the truth, I could do less than 10 minutes. After I went to lie on my bed

06:03am: know, those personal hygiene stuff; brushing my teeth, bathing etc.

07:00am: Playing with my phone. Typical

07:20 something am: Preparing breakfast

07:40 something am: Breakfast time.

08:00am: Checking out technology news. I read about Twitter considering the idea of getting rid of 140-character limit.

08:15am: Working on my E! Online Ghana post.

08:42am: Getting dressed for my 9:30am class at North Campus.

09:30am: Trends in Education and School Management in Ghana. He spoke of a quiz. My heart skipped 4 beats. I was NOT ready. Fortunately, it was postponed.

11:30am: Closed and went back home with my friends, then prepare supper, freshen up and get ready for the next class. I had salad for lunch, which did not satisfy me.

13:48: Class had already started (1:30pm). I was now leaving home but I met a lady with adorable twins. I couldn't help but smile and ponder it in my heart.

14:06: Class had started. Thank goodness, the T.A did not see me enter late. Research Design and Data Analysis

15:58: Class is dismissed. Yay! I can have an early supper because I was famished!

16:30: Catching up on emails, messages and notifications in order to stay on top of things. Plus supper, of course.

17:30: Freshen up to get ready for church.

19:00-20:00: At church. (Lesson: God's only begotten son in the flesh). After church, a friend told me that I had reduced in size. Hahahaha.

21:00: Catching up on social media, working on an E! Online Ghana post, study for the next day's quiz. Writing plans for the next day in my planner.

21:38: Skin routine, then jump to bed for some leisure reading.

22:40: *clap*clap* Lights out!
It was a good night.

But this has been the most uninspired day of the month, I guess.

Do you have to "A Day In The Life" post, I would love to read it.

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