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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Wake Up With Me In Winneba: The Accra-Winneba Journey

You guys really don't know, but the Accra -Winneba journey with the Metro Mass Transit has two moods. Sometimes, it is is peaceful, smooth and quiet. Some days too, it is rowdy and tiring and full of headache.


So, let's start the journey from where you get to the Winneba Station at Kaneshie.

We join the queue to buy ticket. When the ticket is given to you, you enter the bus. If you've got any luggage, you buy ticket for the luggage. Vendors at the station sell their product ranging from snacks, to cooked food to clothes to perfumes.

The bus takes off when it becomes full. I put on my earpiece to listen to my "Soundtracks of My Life" playlist. During the rowdy days, the medicine sellers stand on the bus, telling lies (or maybe truth), making noise, saying the same stories over and over again. I have no say in this. They are doing their business. They make noise, noise, noise, and because I belong to the class of people who can't afford the other kind of transport (because I'm a student on a tight budget), I can't complain, and people seemed to be interested in what they are saying. Thanks to my music playlist, I do not have to listen to them.

When the bus reaches the toll booth, the driver has to purchase a ticket to enter into the Central Region.


Slowly, we reach Kasoa, the last place to do your fast buying of snacks. Street hawkers are around, so this is your last chance of buying something to eat before we get to Winneba. We use about an hour or less to reach the town from the toll booth, so in case you missed the snacks, you have just an hour or less more.
Passengers start getting off at Potsin or the Suaye School, also known as the Apostle Safo Junction.

Anytime, I see the Gloriaka Hotel and Restaurant sign board, I know I have about 10-15 minutes to the Winneba Roundabout / Winneba Junction. By that time, all the medicine sellers have gotten off. Mostly, the evangelists go with us to the station, but by the Winneba Junction time, they are done with the preaching.
So we start the major bus stop alighting.

After Run Off Bar and Restaurant or Olympic Arena (te place with the swimming pool), we get to The Stage.

Then people start to get off

Low Cost Junction (or Trauma and Specialist Hospital junction/Community Health Nurse Training School junction)

North Campus

Winnesec Junction /school junction (Winneba Secondary School)

Kojo Beedu (A town in Winneba)

Town Hall

Filling station (Popularly known as Shell)

We get to the traffic lights, that works only when the academic year starts. After a month, it stops working, then comes back to life during the festival (Aboakyir)

White House (Seriously. Just because it is painted white)

Then Taxi Rank junction. This is where most people get off. After, move straight to the station.

That is the Accra to Winneba journey.

Maybe, I will write about the Winneba to Accra journey. That one too is another story.

Safe journey, yeah.

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