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Monday, 14 September 2015

Health and Fitness Plans

Hi lovely darlings! How is your day going? I am doing some adjustments. Classes have started, you know.
All right, sooooo, ermm.....Yes! Today is about health and fitness plans and when I say health and fitness plans, I mean, how to put your health in order, how to stay fit during the school year, how to stay alive with the beach. Oops! Forget the last sentence. I think I have to cross out that. to stay alive with the beach.

Crossed out! Yeah.

Speaking of beaches, have you visited one recently?

As a tertiary institution student, we get very very very busy, we forget about keeping fit. And funnily enough, we do not forget about our social life (hmph. Yeah, right!). PLEASE change! Your health is very important!
Ok, so now moving on to health and fitness plans, let's talk about how to stay fit and healthy and active and fabulous and....and.....

1. Workout in the morning.

Waking up early adds credit to your life. Trust me. We always cry for 30 hours a day (which I think is a bad idea, though I support a day between Saturday and Sunday). Waking up an hour earlier would give you extra time. Wake up early, workout, at least 10 minutes and you will feel alive to kick the day's challenges.

2. Water should be your friend

Darlings, a tip for you. As soon as you wake up, drink water. I did not say sip water, I meant, DRINK!  GULP! water. I know it's hard, I'm still struggling with that one, but studies says it cleanses your system. Apart from the early morning therapy, frequently drink water to prevent dehydration. Have water in your bag when you go to class.

3. Walk. Walk. Walk
Some people dread walking (I exempt people who have health problems with walking). Walking to class, to the market, is good for your health. Walking is great. Ditch the bus, taxi, car and walk.

4. Eat healthy meals.

Plan to buy healthy ingredients to cook healthy meals that are high in iron and vitamins.

5. Smile.
It's that simple.
And think positively! Do not worry, reduce stress, have fun and also do good!

By the way, what's your favourite workout?

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