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Friday, 11 September 2015

Episode Review: Abanga

The first episode of Abanga was premiered in August. Before the premiere, we were slowly counting down to its first episode.

The first episode, called "German Burgar Wahala" is about keeping Ghana clean. It begins with Abanga himself collecting rubbish scattered around and complaining of how Ghana is filthy.

He tries to flag down a taxi, then his eyes catches someone throwing an empty Voltic Mineral water bottle out of the car.

A patriotic citizen like him, goes over to chastise him for the dirty act. The so-called"German Burgar", tries to defend himself.

What I like about the episode

1. There is no long talk and they go straight to the point.
2. The two girls who were watching the scene and laughing within themselves.
3. Abanga has a hidden dimple. Oops! Ignore that.

The Abanga Series was created by Kingsley Kojo Antwi (popularly known as Kojo Poet) with his production team 41 Dreams Films. In an informal setting,I asked him, what inspired him to create this educative series. He said

"Abanga will be touching on sensitivity societal issues. Every episode comes with different issue"

Do you want more Abanga?

Spoiler: The next episode is about Domestic Violence Against Women. Tell your friends about it by using #SayNoToDv Against Women and #AbangaE02. The second episode would hit your cyber screens next week.

Stay tuned!

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