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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Wake Up With Me In Winneba: Instagram Loves For Students

Hi there! I hope you are feeling fantastic. It's another Friday and we're glad to make it through the week peacefully. I'm always glad Fridays are around to assure me of a time to do what I want to do. I mean, Fridays rule. It's Fri-Yay!

Today, we're live from my small adopted hometown, Winneba. Am I qualified to be a Winnebarian? Well, I say Yes!

If you are a student and you are coming to any tertiary school in Winneba, you are welcome. Be sure to come and brighten the corner where you are.

Want to go online for Winneba, school, social life inspiration? Are you a crazy instagrammer like me? (Wait! I'm not that crazy oo). Don't look any farther. Today, I'm showing you Instagram accounts you can follow while you are a student in Winneba.

Thanks Festus! For helping me compile these!

1. December's Very Own   @yaww.views

This guy pretends as if he has no talent. He Says What's Real. A UEW student, South Campus, tall for nothing (oops!) and has a fabulous guy-guy instagram account.

2. Emmanuel Ekow Quaye   @manuelquaye

Winneba -based, host of a show at the campus' radio station. Follow for school and social life. Plus, he has an invisible moustache, lol.

3. Papy Yaw    @papy_yaw_kwality

He says he's in love with himself. So follow for inspiration on how to love yourself. Our Carrie Bradshaw said "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first", so he's right.

4. Akosua Ernie  @akosua.ernie

Normal, simple and curious student. You curious? Follow her.

5. Jeremy Dela Olympio @nahna_yaw

He's an art student and an actor! A student at Central Campus and a blogger too. Love theater? Follow fast!

6. Duane Adedamola   @cluswayne

I stalk him. (Don't tell him oo). I think he loves the beach as much as I do!

7. Phyphy    @kofypanford

Another "Be True To Your School" student. He's true to his school and the fun thing is, he follows back! Follow him for a "Be True To Your School" inspiration.

8. Nana Serwah    @_itz_minglez

She's beautiful. So what? Sooo, follow her! Ambassador for brown skin. If you love your brown skin, follow her! I'm serious!

9. Mr. 912    @blacc_profile

His bio amazes me. "I was the black sheep, but I turned a goat?" Huh? I think I will interpret as G.O.A.T=Greatest Of All Time. What else?

10. Marietta DeGrant   @marienoelgrant

Oh pu-leaze. I need to add myself, lol. I have the right. I post about school life, literary life, beeeaaaccchh life (oh yeah) and Winneba life. Not convinced? I'm a blogger too!

Ok! Hit follow! Lol

Have an Insta-Sweet life!

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