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Friday, 15 May 2015

Noel's Intern Diaries 2015 Chapter 1: Skills You Need For Every Internship

Bonjour! I'm speaking French today. Hallelujah!
Today, we'll start talking about internships. Yeah, I know it's that time of the year again. Like it's Christmas.

This segment; Noel Intern Diaries is a platform to share our internship stuff: skills, fashion, tips, essentials and all that. In today's lesson /post (Gosh! I feel like a teacher, lol), we are going to talk about skills you need for every internship /attachment.

You need positive attitude
In the real world of work, you are suppose to maintain a positive attitude towards work. Come to work early, abide by the rules, do your assigned work with cheerfulness. Do not complain, nag or do a scanty/shoddy work . Also, when you are given a task to perform, do it to your best ability .

Report Writing
I am grateful that I was taught how to write reports in my first year. This is an essential skill you need to have during your internship. Mostly, we are asked to write our weekly reports or a report on a task done. Learn how to write reports as you plan on doing an attachment or internship

Microsoft Office (Most especially Excel, Word, Access)
In most of our assignments and tasks, we use MS Office to perform our duties. If you are working in Database sector, you might use Access. In finance, Excel might be needed. Sometimes too, our bosses give us a task to create power point slides for presentations. Like last year, I was given a presentation project to do.

These are the skills you would need.

PS: This is just my opinion. If you think there is a skill I have left out, share it in the comments!

Stay sweet

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