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Monday, 25 May 2015

Calling All Ghanaian Female Bloggers

 Hello world!

 Hi everyone(Oops. I just greeted)

Well, hello there. I'm Marietta and I blog at Marietta DeGrant As MarieNoel.

 How are you?

What's your name?

 Let me see your hands up if you are a Ghanaian lady and you blog.

Nice meeting you.

The reason for this call?

 I'm calling all females who are Ghanaians and run a blog. One time, I was looking for a group /platform /community which houses Ghanaian female bloggers and could not find any. So, with the help of my blogging bestie, Ms. Cara Siskova  of xocara, we have created a blogging community for ALL GHANAIAN FEMALE BLOGGERS!!!!

Did you hear that?
 A community for Ghana Female Bloggers. On Facebook, for start. Join here, and so far as you are a Ghanaian, a female and a blogger or even vlogger, you need to join and a form a giant community, sweethearts.

 I'm talking too much but hey! Let's get together, be friends, organize meet up, learn more and if possible, have a blogging conference (in the future) It's good to dream big, isn't it? Just join, OK. Like right now. Like NOW! And SPPREEEEEEEAAAAADDD the word.

 Call all your blogging besties who are Ghanaians! Thank you. Merci
 I'm out
Stay sweet

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