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Friday, 12 December 2014

SomeWhere in The Distance ( A poem for my Birthday)

This is a poem I wrote for my birthday. Hope you enjoy it. It is just the draft.

Somewhere in the Distance

A blazing light shines bright

At that distance

But where I stand now

Is a hell of torture and misery

And just behind me

Are mistakes and naivety

I made a tunnel

Made longer by my past

Where I stand

Is a rough road

With a sinking sand

I need to get out

I need to

But, where do I go from here?

That’s a pretty good question

I can hear the wind

Calling my humble name

To a direction

Leading me to somewhere in the distance

A poem is written

Somewhere in the distance

About a ballad of a girl

Who is growing up

About a girl with a big heart

About a woman, born

I know somewhere in the distance

I’ll write a song

And play it on my guitar

I’ll find hope, peace and healing

I know somewhere in the distance

I’ll find a love

And call him my hero

Somewhere in the distance

A book would be written

About a girl, who’s growing up

About a girl with wild dreams

About a woman, made

Somewhere in the distance

Problems would end

Prayers would be answered

A smile becomes a tattoo

A tear, a piercing

Somewhere in the distance

Dreams would come true

I see somewhere in the distance

There would be a dance

Of a girl grown up

Of a girl with influence

Of a woman, coming up

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