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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lessons I learnt In 2014

Everybody learns something every time and though this year have been very tough, I learnt some lessons. I remember, I wrote in my creative journal of ideas and I quote
"It's a new year and everyone says he feels that this year is going to be great, despite the hard economy. Well, I won't say I don't agree." 
Yikes, was it true? Was the year great? Nah, very tough for me. This is what I learnt this year, 2014.

  •  I learnt how to let go. After an annoying, shocking and painful bad phase, I felt depressed for the rest of the year. After writing this poem, crying and throwing past lives into the sea, I decided to let go and leave everything to God. I know my Heavenly Father will comfort me and give me a better life ahead. 
  • Don't have so many plans/goals at once. Take them a little at a time or a batch at a time. Making a whole lots of goals in a very short time is unrealistic.
  •  Pride is a killer. It gives you hypertension. I met some people who were so proud of their intelligence, riches and status in life and make you feel so inferior. Do not listen to them. Do not mind them. I believe in humility and humility is a ring I want to learn to wear.
Tomorrow God willing is New Year's  Eve. What are your plans and oh, what did you learn in the year,2014???

Auld Lang Syne!!!!

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