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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Freshman Lessons

Hi everyone. Wow, you’re around? Yep, it’s not my fault though. Remember Bad Blogger Problems. My laptop is seriously ill.
Ah, it's been a crrraaaaaazzzzzyyyy year, from the time i got my admission letter till I wrote my last freshman paper, it's been .........., hmmm, insanely fun and scary. I made friends, learnt amazing things about life and me, started this blog, celebrated events and festivals and sometimes met annoying people.
So yes, freshman year was crazy and over and amazingly, I never got the Freshman Fifteen. Maybe, Sophomore Sixteen is on its way. (Is there anything like that???).

 And these are the lessons i learnt in freshman year

  • Go to every class you're supposed to attend. Never skip a class, UNLESS you're EXTREMELY ILL

  • Make good friends. Making friends means, both in school and outside the school (the neighbours of your university town). Make friends with your seniors and students of other courses.

  • Try and eat healthy. In all, strive to be healthy. Have enough sleep, exercise, go outdoors.

  • Keep track of your money.

  • In freshman year, I learnt more about myself that I was good in note taking and planning. I hope to learn more about myself in the coming years.

 What did you learn in your freshman year? 


  1. Great post and tips!
    i have nominated you for a very inspiring award! check your nomination

  2. Thanks Orly, for nominating me. All the best in your blogging life

  3. I think the most important lesson I learned was trusting your gut. To preface this, I'm okay (really), but something traumatic happened to me the first night of freshman year (you may be able to guess). Something about the situation didn't feel right, and eventually I learned to trust my gut about what happened. It made me a stronger person and has definitely contributed to my confidence in a weird way. If I could handle such a traumatic event like that, I can do anything. :) Congratulations on finishing your first year!
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. Wow, you learnt a really great lesson;Trusting your gut. Anyway, all the best in life and thanks. First year isn't easy.


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