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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nostalgic Memories

(Kof Town Nostalgic Memories)
Close your eyes
It’s time to fly
And put the flashbacks on.

Remember when we were young
How we were so much in love?

The love letters we exchanged
Using my elder sister as a post office
Ha! She even loved the job
It was a love story on its own
We both loved a song that made our night perfect

He said the way I smiled
Looked like the sun just came out
I looked highly sceptical
Knowing he just wanted to make me feel special

He was just a boy
With an old inherited pick up
Which breaks down every 37 minutes
Weird, right?
He was not very talented
I wasn’t either
But he tried to sing to me love song
With his old inherited guitar
Not an expert in playing
For me, they sounded sweet in my ears
And I try to write rhyming poems,
To express my love and how beautiful he was in my sight

He always told me that he loved me
And I said
“Scream it to the world if you really do”
And he whispered it into my ear
I asked why he did that
He took my hand and kissed it saying,
“Because you are my world”
Sweet, ain’t it?

Remember the songs we loved
Our favouritesong,
The one we slow danced to all night long
With the moon as our dim candlelight

And the countless trysts?
When Daddy saw you around
He did not like it
Ranting: “What are you doing here?
                        Stay away from my daughter!”
We keep quiet ‘cause we dead if they knew
We always wished to escape the town for a little while
 He always ended up waiting for me
Under the big odum tree beside the kiosk
And we drive the night away
In his truck which breaks down every 37 minutes

He said he liked to see me in heels
He knew I wasn’t perfect in them
I loved it when he taught me how to walk in heels
But he still loved me without the heels.

He teased me whenever I cry
Saying I was such a baby
But he still loved to offer his shoulders to cry on
And caressed my back, comforting me

We knew the names to give to our kids
Boys’ names:
Girls’ names:
And we planned our future wedding

This lifestyle was bittersweet
And the long phone calls we had after midnight
We’d be together all day long
Holding hands, stare in each other’s eyes
And kiss my cheeks every chance he got.

We lied down on the ground at night
Listening to each other’s heartbeats
And watching the stars
With my head on his chest
Not understanding their roles in the big skies
He told me stories about them
But I knew he just made them up.

He promised to work hard to save money
To take me to Paris and Spain
Where the honeymoon would take place
These moments and memories I cherish in my heart
Praying people would accept him for who he is
Especially my father
Who did not want to hear his voice

I prayed our love story would not be a Romeo and Juliet story
Thankfully, it did not.
On one knee, he asked me to marry him
It was under the moonlight
I screamed “Yes! Oui! Si! Yiw!”
In every language, without second thoughts

Now, here we are
With our eight children
Living a happy life
With all the love and trust

Open your eyes
It’s time to come home
And keep the flashbacks in our hearts.
                                                                                    MarieNoĆ«l Marietta
                                                                                    Saturday, 17th August, 2013

This is just another thing created by me…….My own imagination. I love to create and imagine a lot. I think that’s the talent my Heavenly Father has given me.
This poem………..well, it came about as a result of the similar numerous stories we’ve heard. Young love, kid love, teenage love……….It’s everywhere.
DATE: Saturday, 17th August, 2013
TIME: 20:15
LOCATION: Somewhere in Dansoman

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