Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Joy of Living Alone (Blogtober Day 14)

After entering my young adult years and saying good bye to my teenage years, I am gotten the chance to experience three different ways of living.

Living with family

Living with a roommate

Living alone

Today I was thinking and decided to weigh the pros and cons of each living situation.

This will be fun. Let’s start with living with family


Shared responsibility and chores
Family traditions and activities
Food is mostly available, if not everyday
You can borrow items like clothes, money, comb etc.
Shared bills


When you reserved some food, and you come back home seeing that someone had eaten it
When you buy food from outside and you bring it home and your younger siblings watch you. Excuse me, do I know you?
When you are having your quiet time and they are disturbing
Taking your personal item without permission.

Living with a Roommate


Someone to chat with
Someone to ask for fashion/beauty advice
Someone to laugh with
Sisterly/brotherly dates
When you are hungry, you can rely on them


Cannot stay naked
Placing something of yours at the wrong place
Playing your not so favourite kind of music
Making loud calls
Inviting the uninvited guest

Living Alone


You can spend time giving yourself a treat
You can catch up with work without any disturbance
Spend hours on something important just for you
You can wear your birthday suit
You can sing and dance like no one’s watching. And truly too, no one is watching


No one to complain about how annoying school/work was
No one to discuss a radio/Tv show/movie/novel with
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