Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Four Things I Love About Myself + Self Love (Day 2)

I’ve finally stopped running away from myself. Who else is there better to be?
~Goldie Hawn

Good morning! First official post of 14 Days of MarieAmour, and today’s topic is all about self-love.
First of all, what is self-love?

Self-love is the feeling that your own happiness and wishes are important. ~Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, 7th edition.

Anytime, people hear self-love, they think of what the Holy Bible says, that they will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, ungrateful and all that 2 Timothy 3:1-5 says. I am not talking about being selfish, I am talking about how to take good care of yourselves. Please do not see self-love as a way of avoiding people who need your help. Be generous, kind and be at service.
Four things I love about myself
  •        My passion for writing. I love writing and I love the way I sometimes have command over it.
  •        I can be easily motivated and inspired.
  •        The hair I have. The hair colour is not entirely black.
  •        I can be organized. I know how to plan my day.

What about you? What do you love about yourself? Maybe, you are looking for ways to love yourself. I am not an expert in this and it is just this year that I started to know what self-love is, but I will share with you how to develop genuine and selfless self-love, not being lovers of yourselves and unholy and disrespectful. I am talking about self-care.
  •        Cut away all toxic habits and relationships. If you have a habit that is really disturbing you, quit it.  If you have a huge bunch of frenemies, get rid of them.
  •       Please! Do not compare yourself to others. It’s a taboo, I wish it was a taboo. I did that a lot when I was in JHS, but I stopped, when I entered secondary school. I found out that, I was wasting my time and mind resources and it wouldn’t do me any good.
  •      Do something you really love or do things that makes you feel good. Like baking, journaling, Family History, DIYs, karaoke.
  •       Think positively.
  •        Have a grateful heart. Be grateful for your blessings and trials. Trials strengthen you.
  •       When someone compliments you, don’t be all skeptical. Rather, say thank you with a smile.
  •       Wear your favourite outfit, make up, shoes, hairstyles and get all girlbossed with it.
  •       Create me-time. Very important. I learnt how to do this when I entered the university and I found that useful.
  •       What! I almost forgot to add this one. Love your body by creating a wellness routine. Have enough rest (I am personally working on that one), workout out, eat healthily, and go for checkups and all that health jazz.
  •    Try to unplug and declutter. Our electrical gadgets, social media can be a little distracting

All these and more, can be achieved and make pampering yourself, a priority.

Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it. ~Thaddeus Solas

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