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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The ICT Student's Dilemma

One day, I tweeted"I'm going to blog about this ",  but no one knew what I was talking about. I present to you

All right, in case you didn't know, I study Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mathematics and Education. This thing I'm about to write about has been disturbing me a lot, lol. I mean, yes, I am an ICT student, but don't expect me to do miracles.

1. People call me the computer witch. Yes, I like it. I don't have any problem with that. You can call me the Computer Wizard/Witch , I'll gladly respond.

2. People say 'Oh wow! My laptop is sick. Can you repair it for me?'
Seriously, people? Yes, I do ICT and a little bit of hardware, but don't expect me to raise your computer from the dead.

3. People say "Great! We'll make money together."
You and who? They expect me to write apps, applets, applications, software and sell to Bill Gates, Apple Inc., Google etc. They'll bring the suggestions, I'll write the programme.
Miss Programmer. Marietta, the programmer.
Please. Don't. Go. There.

4. People begin to talk about the newest technology in town and I'm like, yeah yeah yeah . They expect me to know about the latest technology and versions in town.
Yeah, I'm good at that.

5. When I tell people that there's a software that checks for plagiarism in submitted assignments. They think I have killed their future because they copy from the internet and paste.
Liar, liar. Pants on fire!
Yeah, thanks for calling me that!

6. People ask "Can you create a website? Can you write a program? Can you hack?"
I'm like, "So which one should I answer first?"
"First of all, can you hack?"
Seriously? If I could do that, I'll be checking my boyfriend's social media account, chats and calls to see who he has been flirting with.

7. People assume you are a bad person, a villain, criminal. As in, you scam, you are a cracker or hacker. You hack the World Bank.
Ha! World Bank? Baby, like I'm touring the world by now and crossing out every item on my wanderlust list.

8. People ask the inevitable question:"So, after school, what next? What would be your career?"


Or even, they'll pronounce the word "teacher"  in your life.

So, this is what I wanted to blog about. I'm sitting here laughing in my head.

Any ICT / IT/ Computer Science student in the house?

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