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Friday, 30 January 2015

Kelewele Date with Marietta (30/01/15) Happy 2015!!!

Can you believe it? January is about to end and we are about to enter into the month of romance. Crazy!!!

Let's start our date.

To those new to this. Kelewele Date with Marietta is an online or virtual date I have with my readers. Every last Friday of every month, we meet virtually to talk about all things! EXCEPT POLITICS! We start on this blog and continue on social media with #keleweledate.

How has the new year been for you? It's been okay! I mean, you don't expect everything to go on well with you. On a scale of 1-10, I'll give it a 5. The harmattan made me feel uncomfortable for a while 😊, but I will be back to normal.

My fitness' routine has been good but not the best but it's better than last year I think. I started my fitness routine on 5th of January and it's been a little bit of challenge because of the harmattan. (Dust + Dryness + Cold + Humidity = Harmattan and harmattan = uncomfortable lungs, chest, eyes, nose, throat and ears. Got it?)

My Christmas ornaments went down on the weekend of the new year and I want to say Thanks for being part of my Christmas and birthday and New year.

School is now in session and we have started classes. Having your second semester means one thing: Internships and attachment! I've already started counting down to the long vac! Crazy, huh? I've started brainstorming on where I would have my internship and I have already written my long vacation bucket list but it's incomplete.

This is one of the potatoes we harvested earlier this year from our little organic garden behind our home

I have started writing my poetry collection project. I gave myself a project to write an anthology of poems in my creative journal with the title Imperfections. Last time, I published one of the poems on the blog. You can check it out. I'm almost done with one of my Writers' Problems short stories. I'm thinking of sharing them on Writers' Project on Citi FM when I get featured again. Like last year.

St. Valentine's day is on its way and we are having a #ValsDayWithNoel right here. From Monday, everything here would be about Val's Day. I don't want to spoil it for you but Monday would tell you what it's about.
That's it for today's Kelewele Date but we are continuing on social media : #keleweledate
Stay sweet!!!

PS: I'm going to wreck 2015 because 2014 totally wrecked me. OUCH!!!
See ya!! 


  1. so when are we gonna have a real kelewele date with you

    1. Hmm. Thinking about it but this is meant to be a virtual date


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