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Friday, 27 December 2013

Getting Ready For 2014

Getting Ready For 2014
The aroma of the New Year is soooo nearer! I can feel it. We welcome you Year 2014….according to the Chinese calendar the year of the horse. Hope I’m right.
I’m so excited about the New Year and I feel 2014 is going to be a year of ……..well, I don’t know, at least better than 2013, everything bigger and better.
These are some of my New Year resolutions and plans
ü Read a Novel A month
I love reading, honestly. Just that, I don’t want to make a resolution that I wouldn’t be able to keep. But I’m looking forward to my 20-30 novels challenge for the Long Vacation (summer).
ü No Messy Room
Seriously, at this age, I still have a room that’s always in a mess. But it has reduced. Since I’m growing up and maturing, wherever I sleep is less messy than the previous years. So, to start Operation No Messy Room, I’m cleaning up my room before the New Year starts. Actually, cleaning up a room is something I love doing.
ü Enjoy Life More
I’ve decided to enjoy life more to the fullest. Make friends, go for events, go to the beach, go on vacation, and spend more time with family, friends, and loved ones.
ü Be a Better Girlfriend
I’ve got this sweet Cowboy. He’s the Cowboy, also known as, the Vampire. I’ll tell you more about him later. I planned on being a better and caring girlfriend…….
ü Study Harder
I think this should be NumeroUn. Studying harderand doing well in academics is one of my most important resolutions. I have people to make proud.
ü Help Others, Be Kinder, Smile more
Some people say they like my smile and my laughter. I’ll do that more, to heal broken hearts.
ü Learn To Play The Piano and maybe, Guitar
The piano is an instrument I wanted to learn and play since I was born.  Some people in my church can play so I’ll just tell them to teach me.
ü Update Blogs Regularly
I’m new in this blogging lifestyle and pray to get time to update them. These are my blogs
More might be coming in the future, so watch this space.
ü Keep In Touch
I’ve planned on keeping in touch with ma friends from Junior High School, Senior High School and University.
ü Love to do the dishes
I’m someone who hates doing the dishes…but as a woman who would be a wife and mother in the future must know that, it’s part of their homemaking duties. I cook but the dishes bore me….
ü Look For A Job
I’m also planning to become self-reliant in life, starting from next year 2014. No more dependency (well, maybe just a little).
I hope you also have plans for the New Year. If not, I urge you to start making plans for your life.
Start creating yourself
Happy New Year
Afephyia pa oo

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